Author Topic: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*  (Read 3702 times)

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GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« on: December 04, 2008, 01:22:23 PM »
I figured I would set this up for a place for everyone to post what they thought of the movie. The big day is tomorrow and I know I am as excited as everyone else here. Feel free to post how every many people you saw at the theater, peoples reactions, whatever you might of heard or seen at the show? I already posted a spoiler tag in the Subject line, so no worries to put them in your post.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2008, 01:39:23 PM »
Sorry guys, I KNOW this got deleted and that's not a problem... but we really, REALLY need this topic.

From this point on, let's not have any non-review replies to this thread. Make one review post once you see the movie, just so we can easily see who felt what way about the film! This should be a fun topic.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2008, 01:08:57 AM »
OMG! Just got back from seeing it!  Beyond fantastic! I am seeing it again first thing in the morning! Everything in the movie was just so damn well done.
I enjoyed every second of it. Went with a couple of buddies to see it and they thought it was great too, first thing they said after the movie is when are we seeing it again? Ray Stevenson is Frank Castle...he was just so perfect I can't even begin to describe how much I loved his performance. The whole cast was just great though....Doug and Dominic were just wonderful they had me laughing one moment and cringing the next. I don't want to go into the spoiler stuff so I will just say this is indeed The Punisher film fans have been waiting for! Can't wait to see what the rest of the boards reactions. Thank you Lexi Alexander for such a wonderful film you have a fan for life!


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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2008, 03:13:01 AM »
I moved it from the other thread, since this is the more appropiate placing.


The Rampage Review

An 8 out of 10 and A+ comic book movie.

PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is a fast paced and unrelentingly violent introduction to the world of the Punisher and one of the top three, must see comic book movies of 2008.

 Back in May 2007, when Thomas Jane, lead actor of the previous Punisher film, walked away from the unofficially titled PUNISHER 2 project citing a bad script and amidst rumors of a salary dispute, Marvel Entertainment and Lionsgate Films decided a full blown rebooting of the Punisher movie brand was in order.

(I’m reluctant to call it a franchise since no consistent series of Punisher sequels has ever come to pass, yet.)

It wasn’t long before LGF executives tapped the up-and-coming Lexi Alexander, whose background in the ring as a karate and kickboxing world champion and whose emotional, hard edged direction of successful violent films in the past (Oscar nominated short, JOHNNY FLYNTON and thefeature length GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS) made her a natural fit to bring the Marvel vigilante’s mythology to the big screen. At the behest Marvel President Kevin Feige, Alexander reportedly watched one episode of the acclaimed HBO drama ROME, after which she said of actor Ray Stevenson, “that’s my Punisher.”

Lexi then collaborated with writer Nick Santora (LAW & ORDER, PRISON BREAK) on a page one re-write of the script that was even further improved upon by Marvel’s IRON MAN writers, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

The official announcement of Ray Stevenson’s casting as Frank Castle/The Punisher on July 21, 2007 was the beginning of the history that came to be known as PUNISHER: WAR ZONE. A new era for the Punisher on film that pledged to remain as faithful as possible to the wildly popular and arguably definitive Punisher MAX comic book series written by Garth Ennis.

With that introduction out of the way, time to get into the actual movie.

The movie begins with a very badass intro that consists of a series of quickly cut shots of Frank Castle assembling weapons and tactical gear while a news report of an alleged mob boss, Gaitano Cesare, getting acquitted through a mistrial, on account of a conviently murdered Jury member plays on the television in the background. It's a stylish, yet grounded opening credit sequence that features a powerful, Zimmer-esque score that builds anticipation and pumps up the audience for the mayhem that is to come.

Afterwards, at Cesare's 'beat the rap' party, an ideological clashing point occurs between the old-school, Gaitano led mafia guard and the overly ambitious new blood of don wannabes embodied by the charismatic Billy Russoti. Russoti envisions a scheme to move 'the family' into new lows of moral depravity for profit while Gaitano just seeks to continue business as usual.

Then, the Punisher crashes the party...and he brings hell with him. Within the first seconds of the opening action sequence, it becomes glaringly apparent to all in the audience that this is Frank Castle unleashed like we've never seen him before. It's the most violent, brutal, and 'soldier-like' Punisher ever commited to film. Castle dispenses murder swiftly in the blink of an eye and only Russoti and his crew survive the carnage, making it back to their warehouse seaport to hide out for the night.

And oh yeah, the Punisher crashes that too! Russoti gets his face mutilated courtesy of a glass crusher during the assault and Castle unwittingly kills what turns out to be an undercover FBI agent. Federal agents swarm the scene from all directions with Frank Castle narrowly evading capture.

Guilt ridden, Castle heads back to his private underground lair and decides to pack up his "tent." He has now become the very evil he swore to eradicate. He deserves to be punished and there is only thing left to do.

A permanently disfigured Russoti recovers from a torturous brush with death with his new handle "Jigsaw" and a plan to take over the city by declaring open war on the Punisher under a newfound psychotic aggression. From here on out, PWZ is a bold, blood soaked story of pain, loss, gleeful unrepentent immoraltiy and zero hope of redemption for our lonely anti-hero.

Surprising, that PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is without a doubt, the most FUN I've had at the movie theater all year long! Any knowledgeable fan of Frank Castle will instantly recognize and appreciate the depth of Alexander’s familiarity with the source material.

For instance, there is an excellent scene that takes place in a Catholic Church involving a conversation between the Punisher and a priest named Father Mike. Not only does it include a tip of the proverbial hat to Frank Castle's orgin as a failed seminary student whose inability to endorse the concept of giving salvation to evil deeds forced him to turn his back on dreams of priesthood, but is nicely complimented by a paraphrasing of a quote from Garth Ennis' Punisher MAX WIDOWMAKER story.

Story has it, the quote wasn't even written into the script, but improvised on the spot by classicly trained actor Ray Stevenson. Although, the scene may not be quite as cool as the set up in the comic, the usage of the line is every bit as strong.

All that is brilliant and right about the Catholic Church scene is also the epitome of why the rest of the film works as a whole. The simple, yet effective writing with well crafted plotting and to-the-point dialogue, revealing nuanced moral dilemma and, at times, evoking morbid social commentary on the human condition is EXACTLY how Punisher comics have been written for years. Particularly with the entry of the MAX series. PWZ succeeds on all accounts. Let’s get to the cast…

RAY STEVENSON: Physically, this man is a monster. His giant frame and agility totally sells the action and is essential to his larger than life portrayal which he gives with complete conviction and convincibility.

What's not communicated through plentiful dialogue is channeled through Ray's eyes alone. Methodical, disciplined, and determined, Stevenson's dead on evolution into the title character summons the descriptions found within William Blake's THE TYGER more uncannily than any previous Punisher actor was ever capable of.

COLIN SALMON: Salmon plays morally righteous FBI agent, Paul Budiansky, seeking to redeem himself for past indiscretions by finally arresting Frank Castle, thus offering some semblence of solace to his ex-partner's surviving wife and child.

Salmon's emotionally charged onscreen interaction with Stevenson and Dash Mihok (Detective Soap) is crucial to the pay off of several important scenes and provides for a pretty interesting subplot in and of itself.

His fight scene with Ray is one of the best choreographed and most brutal hand-to-hand combat scenes I've watched in any action movie. While Budiansky's storyline is an original one, it's entirely faithful to his general character development from the Garth Ennis MAX comics.

DASH MIHOK: Mr. Mihok's Detective Soap might be the most genuinely comical and entertaining supporting character in the whole film. The seemingly incopetent lead (and only) investigator on the NYPD's "Punisher Task Force" may be even more intregal to the story in PWZ than he was in the Marvel Knight's WELCOME BACK FRANK mini-series from which the character originated.

His performance is certain to leave a lasting and positive impression on movie goers.

JULIE BENZ: For all of the 'internet b***hing' about Benz being the 'weak link' of the cast, I thought she did a fine job as the newly widowed mother Angela Donatelli and held her own just as well as her male costars.

WAYNE KNIGHT: Knight is perfect as Mirco, armorer and confidant to the Punisher. If I told you more about his role I'd be giving too much away.

DOMINIC WEST: West's first rate, over-the-top, old-school London theater acting elevates a former z-list comic baddie into one of the most entertaining and memorable sociopathic Marvel screen villains since Willem Dafoe's turn as the Green Goblin.

Doug Hutchinson is also a revelation as LBJ (Looney Bin Jim) and perfectly compliments Jigsaw.

The action, story, and subplots come full circle in the 3rd act along with an electric emotional undercurrent when Castle is forced to make an enormously tough decision by the film's scenery chewing antagonist, Jigsaw.

Now, there are at least two ways to rate a comic book movie. One of them is rating it’s ability to stand on it’s own as a film in general. Another is by how it succeeds or fails in representing the essence of the source material as well as how it fares in comparison to other movies of the same genre.

My first numbered rating reflects how I view PWZ objectively as a stand alone film. But as a comic book movie, the first released in theaters since the box office juggernaut and first class cinematic achievement that was THE DARK KNIGHT, in a year when ALL comic book films have been top quality thus far?

PUNISHER: WAR ZONE earns it's rightful spot in a pantheon of excellence, well in the company of great orgin story and franchise spawning movies such as IRON MAN, SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN BEGINS, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, X-MEN, and HELLBOY. Each of these movies and characters satisfy audiences for different reasons and to varying degrees, but all completely triumph in giving the best imaginable cinematic introductions to these characters in a manner that is true to the spirit of the comic books. PUNISHER: WAR ZONE is without a doubt an A+ comic book movie in that regard.

Alexander has forever reserved a soft spot in the hearts of Punisher fans all across the globe for breathing life into the first (and only) truly definitive Punisher film in existence.

"Danke Schön," Lexi Alexander!
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“I think that most writers dislike the Punisher. They see him as a one-note monstrous murderer with no supporting cast…I see him the same way, but I think it’s great.” - Garth Ennis


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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2008, 08:00:27 AM »
saw it last night with Punisher75. It was an awesome movie. One of the best comic to screen transitions I've ever seen. That really is Frank Castle up there on the screen doing what he does best.

Greatness. Can't wait for the blu ray of it to come out so I can watch it over and over.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #5 on: December 05, 2008, 05:22:12 PM »
'No, I got fatso! I'm gonna get my apple sauce back. Did you know Kidneys and Apple Sauce are delicacies in Sweden?' Doug Hutchinson was amazing and I wanna see some comics with LBJ in them now.

This movie was such an emotional rollercoaster but in so many great ways. From being the best Punisher movie for all the action to nailing the Soap comedy on the head to even being close to damn near a tear jerk with all the moments involving Frank and Grace.

This finally showed the other sides of Frank, the sides that showed how much he loved his family and how much he misses them. Some of the violence was far fetch but that is expected being the Punisher and a comic book movie and I loved every minute of it. I didn't hear any accent slip or feel like I was watching a bad acting crew at all. The only gripe I really have is that Bodinsky mentioned Punisher being active for the last 4 years then Soap says 5.

Definitely had line after line of quotable dialogue and had nothing to complain about there. 'Let me Axe you a question?' well actually an assumption I had. I thought the deep voice talking to Soap at the end was Barracuda (but that was just wishful thinking). Was slightly disappointed with Maginity thought he was going to be a bit more of a bad ass. I am glad they didn't just end it and they left an opening to a new one. So here is to the next one! Thanks Lexi, you made the best Punisher to date!

I also saw the Max stories as an exploration of a man gone off the deep end, who does horrible things and has essentially gone mad.

Man off the deep end, sure I know that. But has essentially gone mad. What arcs of MAX have your read? He still keeps his morals and shows that the death of his family still effects what he is doing. Him going mad you might want to read OVER THE EDGE story line.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #6 on: December 05, 2008, 06:35:41 PM »
Just finished watching the movie a couple hours ago.  I caught an early show cause I hate crowds, so it was just me, a couple guys at the back, and a very creepy man in the row ahead of me.  But other than that, I got to enjoy the film without douchebags screaming and phones going off, etc.

Ok, so here is my review:

This movie ****ing rocks.  While I can see why a lot of mainstream critics don't seem to like it, I loved it, and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Punisher fans will love it as well.  But first things first, this is definitely not a MAX film.  While that's been going around, it's not a MAX film.  It is a Marvel Knights film that has been drenched in MAX style, and guess what, it works.

What you basically have, in terms of story and style, is a Garth Ennis type MK story, where you have Frank Castle, the consistent and serious center of the story living an absurd and twisted version of New York City, much like in the early 2000s Punisher series, where you had villains like Ma Gnucci, and the Russian, and General Kriegkopf.  So, there is quite a bit of very dark humour, which I will admit, I loved in the early Ennis stuff.  His MAX series is missing most of the black humour, but it does show up in this film.

The MAX-type gore and style infuse the MK-style story with a sort of otherworldly aura.  You see that it's in reality, but it's a reality that's been tweaked.  If you are a fan of Ennis' Marvel Knights work, you will definitely love this.  This is basically what an MK story would've looked like if Garth Ennis had wanted to use Jigsaw as a villain.

And speaking of Jigsaw, he is ****ing awesome.  Dominic West plays him as a complete lunatic after his face is recycled in a glass compacter.  Yes, he's over-the-top, but that's the point.  He's ****ing crazy.  This is what a Garth Ennis-type villain would be like.

His brother LBJ is equally awesome and is probably more of a lunatic than Jigsaw.  Doug Hutchison is awesome here.  He's cannibalistic, violent, a total psycho, yet he and Jigsaw are as close as any two brothers could be.  Very weird.  These two went together so well, every time they showed up on screen, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face even if I wanted to.

Colin Salmon plays Paul Budianski, an FBI agent who is hunting Castle and Jigsaw (sort of).  He's great, and the fight scene between him and Castle is awesome.  Budianski teams up with Martin Soap, played by Dash Mihok.  Soap is awesome.  The character in the original MK series was depressed and pathetic, yet still kind of likable.  Here, Soap is a hopeless optimist, a little pathetic, but again, very likable, and his scenes with Frank Castle rock.

Julie Benz plays Angela, and she is pretty good, though I must admit, the accent distracted me a little, though maybe it's cause I like her regular voice.  Wayne Knight plays Micro, and he is excellent at it.

And finally... Ray Stevenson.  He is Frank Castle.  He is relentless and stern, though in some scenes, you see his humanity and despair and the sadness in his eyes.  After watching Ray in this part, I can't imagine anyone else playing Castle.  Ray's is a phenomenal performance.

Steve Gainer's cinematography is wonderful here.  I know a lot of people complained about the saturated lighting earlier on in the production of the film, but seriously, it works fantastic here.  It gives the night in New York in this film an otherworldly feel, accentuates reality.  I definitely loved the work here.

Michael Wandmacher's musical work as well was quite excellent.  It didn't detract from the film, and definitely embellished a few scenes with feelings of panic, or a rush of adrenaline, or a tense mood.  It is a very good score.

And finally, Lexi Alexander.  I just gotta say... fantastic work.  We finally got a proper Punisher film.  The overall production is fantastic, and Lexi truly was an excellent choice to direct.  Amazing work.

So not only is this film, the best Punisher film to date, it is a great film, period.  With great performances that will leave either with a huge grin on your face or leave you feeling sad for Frank Castle, it is a great production across the board.  A good story, a wicked villain, a compelling protagonist, splattered with a great sense of style and deft touched of dark humour, this is an excellent film, and I would say that every fan of the Punisher should check it out.  While it's not a movie for everyone, and it will leave some fans angry, and some critics weirded out, most fans of Garth Ennis' work on MK and MAX will definitely love it.



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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2008, 06:57:41 PM »
Ray Stevenson is...Frank Castle.  Stevenson's Punisher is a man army, running through the various crime families, rampaging like a bull in a china shop.  Stevenson in his Kevlar armor with skull is ripped right out of Mike Baron's Punisher.  Thank God...there were no fire hydrants, bad sidekicks, or even the torture scene with a...popsicle as there was in Punisher 04. While that scene was right out of the earlier comics, it was groan inducing to watch.  Lexi Alexander has delivered the best of the 3 Punisher films, easilly outdoing the weak 2004 edition.  Dominic West was a revelation as...Jigsaw.  He was properly over the top, as was his brother James as portrayed by Doug Hutchison...LBJ was even loonier and more of a physical threat to Castle.  While I still like the 89 Punisher, that was the low budget, yet fun B version of...The Punisher...Punisher War Zone is a grade A collision of 80's Punisher/and the intense Garth Ennis model.  Now that Microchip was killed...who will supply Castle with his weapons of choice?  I definitely want to see a sequel to PWZ.  Maybe Ma Gnucci and her family can be the next villain...with an improved...The Russian as her chief enforcer.  Of course, I would love to see...The Battle Van appear.  Maybe Micro Jr can join a sequel if PWZ ends up #1 with a Cadillac Records and Frost/Nixon should not supply any competition to Punisher War Zone.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2008, 11:11:55 PM »
Saw this at 5. Just got home

Loved it. Ray was simply awesome. :joy:
Wasn't exactly how i would have liked it but close enough. I was expecting a Max style Punisher movie since thats what we've been told to expect for a long time now so the whole MK style thing caught me a little off guard. I guess i was wanting a emotionally charged serious Punisher movie which in alot of parts it was and i enjoyed those parts immensely(cemetery scene, Grace in Castle hideout) Basically what I'm trying to say is some parts could have done without the comedy aspect of it. Don't get me wrong Soap was ****ing great, Dash was golden in his role and i loved everytime he was on screen.

Now, the opening sequences were ****ing BADASS, Frank simply enters and annihilates people like a hot knife through butter as he should. I've always gravitated towards the MAX books because of the serious tone they set and i always felt like comedy never really belonged in a Punisher tale. Having said that i guess thats why i didn't enjoy some of the more humorous moments as much as i would have liked. But there was enough emotionally driven scenes that it really didn't effect the movie for me. All in all i would have liked to have seen a more serious, grimmer Punisher movie because thats what Castle has always been to me. Dark, grim, ruthless and no room for bull**** but this was pretty damn close and i loved it. Nothing can ever be perfect.

Soory if this was a bit ADD, and all over the place.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #9 on: December 06, 2008, 12:18:07 AM »
I saw a 7:40 showing and I have to say that I loved every frame, every minute, and every second of Punisher: War Zone, which isn't perfect but still a true punisher film.  I won't give a long detailed review, but the film was worth the wait and fight so we could get a film that was everything the 04 film wasn't.  Not only was it true to the Max series, but this film really did have a great cast who did great with their characters.  I do agree that the acting went a little over the top in some parts but it was brief while it lasted therefore it didn't bother me or seriously hurt the integrity of the film.  Everyone was great, but I can't do this without specifically mentioning Ray whom I'm fully convinced is "Frank Castle".  Jane was good, but after seeing this I couldn't picture him being in Ray's shoes.  I know a sequel isn't guaranteed, but I would love to see Ray return to wear the skull again, either way I believe there's much in store for him as an actor. 

As for Lexi, despite what critics have said, I think she did a great job and deserves to be to punisher fans what Richard Donner is to super fans and hope she has a successful career behind the camera unlike a guy named Jonathan.  Where will War Zone stand on the scale between good and bad comic book films? I don't know but it doesn't matter because i loved this movie and will definitely get it on DVD, Blu-ray, ipod,etc.  8/10...


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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #10 on: December 06, 2008, 11:11:57 AM »
I posted this over at the RAW boards, and want to repeat it here for the REAL Punisher fans.


It seems like Ebert's review basically says nothing.  It also seems like everyone else reviewing the movie are more interested in how many movies they can compare it against, and how many directors' names they can drop.

I liked the movie.  I don't care what anyone says about "well in 1985's Circle of Blood" or other multi-decades long throwbacks to Spidey supporting appearances.  That's not what this movie was about.

This was a $35M rendition of some MAX, mixed with MK, mixed with some classic Jigsaw insanity.
Professional movie reviewers probably don't have every issue, appearance, cameo, and bio publication in their basement.

As far as I am concerned this movie was made for guys like me, and everyone else comparing it to Dark Knight, Spider-Man, X-Men and other big budget hero movies is missing the point by a mile.

Sure, the movie is far from perfect, but as an over-the-top amalgam of the character's last 8 years, this works just fine.

It was never supposed to be high art; the comic isn't, so why would anyone expect the movie to be anything other than a moving cartoon which so far seems to be it's highest accolade.

As for Jigsaw's accent, he sounds exactly like my friend Ken who was born and raised in Brooklyn, and spent 15 years as an adult on Long Island.

Probably the only thing I can agree with reviewers so far is that there can never be a "perfect" Punisher movie because everyone has different ideals of the character.

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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #11 on: December 06, 2008, 08:53:12 PM »
I just got back from the theater.  I had a lot of fun.  In my opinion it was the best Punisher movie we've been given  so far.  Sure, it wasn't the best movie and there were some off bits, but all in all I thought It was one hell of an enjoyable movie.  I didn't like the fact that so many villains from the comics were just thrown in and killed out so quickly when they could have had more done with them.  There were a lot of bits in the movie that made everyone in the theater say "Oh!" at the same time, like the part with the free-runner and the grenade launcher and Ink's face. 

The action was great and I dug what story there was (even though what was happened to be a bit thin.)  I was just mostly dumb fun.  You don't really need to think a lot when you see it.  It could have been a bit more serious, but bits of comedy isn't really new to the Punisher.

As for acting I didn't think there was anything wrong with it, I heard a lot of people complaining about Julie Benz but I thought she did an alright job.  As for Jigsaw and co's accents, many people complain that they were too over the top, but I think that was the point.  I thought Jigsaw and LBJ were great villains and great fun at the same time.  Stevenson pretty much embodied the Punisher for me, just as I had hoped he would since the beginning.  It's a shame that it doesn't look like it's going to do well in the theaters, I would love a sequel.

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Newbie Review
« Reply #12 on: December 07, 2008, 02:50:40 AM »
 :) I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I walked into this movie expecting what I saw in the RedBand Trailer just like I did for RAMBO. I wasn't disappointed ! From the Balls out action in the Mansion to the Carnage at the hotel. Anyhow I saw a matinee on a Friday morning and all 15 or so of us got a kick out of the film. IT is what it is and I am happy with that.

Next off is my teenage son (16yrs old), who didn't want to see this at all. We both have good tastes in film but I grew up in a different era in NYC and I went to the great double dip features in Times Square, you know the Grindhouse flicks like 7 grandmasters and Super Ninja's, sh** like that. Anyhow I sweet talked him to going to see it, I told him he wouldn't be disappointed and go in thinking this guy is on a rampage and he is going to tear stuff up. Needless to say he was laughing and having a blast!!!!

Here lies the problem.....this is the weekend after Thanksgiving and Lionsgate just threw Transporter 3 at these people. No one but people like me and you were excited about this flick. I mean absolutely no one and to put it out the week after thanksgiving and a week after Twilight, Quantum, and BOLT was asking for suicide at the Box Office. Not unless people like me and you get the word out and also bring more people.

My hats off to LEXI who took me back to the grindhouse with over the top carnage and bringing back to life one of my all time Favorite characters. I loved the flick and I will be sure to pick up the BLU-Ray in a few months. This character would kick the transporters ass and Rambo at the same time.

Reading and looking as some videos on-line I got the impression that LEXI didn't have freewill with the movie and would only return if she did. Sorry to say that I don't think the chance of seeing another badass movie like this and the Punisher will return unless it is a hit on BLURAY. Gosh , I really wanted this movie to do well but I am happy it at least came out and gave us what we wanted!

Thanks for the time and the keep up the great work on this site.


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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #13 on: December 07, 2008, 10:55:21 AM »
Just watched it and boy-oh-boy, do I wanna watch it again. This movie is beyond comparison of the first two Punishers. The movie starts out great, with a well directed action scene. You'll see about 30 guys die, and then see another 30 die. Great action. You're not suppose to watch this movie and expect the Dark Knight or Iron man, you're suppose to expect the Punisher. And that's what you'll get. Stevenson plays a nearly perfect Punisher, despite the little Irish in his voice. But that's like the only problem and a really small one in this whole movie. This is the best movie that is closest to its origin. Dominic played Jigsaw, and did well doing it. His brother in the movie was Looney Bin Jim, but his real name is James. Looney Bin Jim is played by Doug Hutchison and he was really entertaining to watch. I also liked his laugh. HAHA! lol. Well, this movie is a little iffy in the story, but is overcome by the action and dark humor. You'll enjoy it though, as long as you're not a little squeamish coward.


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Re: GPA Members Punisher Warzone Reviews *SPOILERS*
« Reply #14 on: December 08, 2008, 03:41:00 AM »
I watched it yesterday afternoon with my brother,nephew and roomate. we all loved the **** out of it. we left the theater hooting and hollering and going over our favorite parts and I spent the rest of the day acting like LBJ skrewing with my brother left and right  LOL
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