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As you may be aware, Lexi Alexander has made a statement on She says all is well for "Punisher War Zone" and that she is working to finish it.

With this statement, we feel it is an appropriate time to bring this campaign to a close. Thank you to all who believed enough in this film to shine a light on the situation and tell Lionsgate Films how you felt.

We are all very excited to see the Punisher's latest film incarnation, and are expecting great things from Alexander and crew!

There are a few incredible people who deserve recognition for their hard work. owenstar, my fellow GPA Admin from the start, brought word of our efforts to every corner of the internet. He continued arguing in support of the film longer than anybody. His ideas and support were crucial to the campaign. He is the ideal GPA member and embodies the group better than anyone. Thank you, my friend.

Also, without lukeg74's petition, we would have been without a center and without a standing list of all those who support the film. He got the ball rolling and deserves all the recognition in the world.

Enrique - thank you for the Spanish translation of our video and all your helpful suggestions.

Thanks also go out to Parabellum, Rampage aka DeAnte, Punisher75, Intelligent Moron, and my pals William, Jimbo, and Duke Raze of Fryeland [whom I still believe in ;)] for their war room support. Also to every single person who sent an email to Lionsgate, particularly my GPA brothers.

It has been an enlightening trip... can't wait for December 5th.